Differentiating the Myths and Facts of Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that is characterized by the distinct change in the topographical contour of the skin likened to the appearance of cottage cheese, pin-cushion, and orange peel. This is where the popular cellulite pseudonyms, orange peel or cottage cheese syndrome, are derived. While it is considered a normal skin condition by the medical community, a lot of women abhor the sight of the bulges and ripples on the skin’s surface because of the social stigma associated with it. As much as the women affected by the condition want to get rid of it, they don’t have the adequate knowledge on the true nature of cellulite.

Cellulite myths and truths

Cellulite myths and truths

Myth #1: Only overweight individuals can have cellulite.

Fact: Cellulite affects all body types. This means that even those who have a lean frame can have unwanted bulges. However, having excess fat can make cellulite more pronounced and noticeable. This happens since fat can push the subcutaneous cells further against the skin’s connective tissues, making the localized bulging more prominent.

Myth #2: Cellulite is only made up of fat.

Fact: Cellulite is a distinct kind of fat that can’t be easily reduced with mere dieting and/or exercise. The fat cells underneath the skin are not only filled with adipose component, but also contain runaway toxins and water. While exercise and eating a healthful diet are effective in the improvement of cellulite appearance, there are other cellulite treatments that can fix the condition quickly.

Myth #3: Men can’t have cellulite.

Fact: Cellulite is prevalent to women, affecting 90% of the total female population. However, men can also be affected by the condition. There are an estimated 10% of men who are reported to have cellulite mostly on the thigh area. Androgen-deficient men are the most prone to cellulite development.

Myth #4: Cellulite can be developed with coffee.

Fact: Most topical anti cellulite products contain caffeine in order to combat dimply skin. Caffeine is the most potent ingredient for these creams, gels, or lotions since it has the ability to draw blood towards the cellulite affected area. Increasing blood circulation is instrumental in eliminating the contents of fat cells.

Myth #5: Cellulite can be eliminated with diet and exercise.

Fact: Since cellulite is formed on the subcutaneous layer, mere dieting and exercise won’t eliminate it. Nevertheless, these healthful regimens can improve the look of cellulite, reducing the size of fat cells. As we all know, exercise and proper diet are essential for maintaining the body’s overall well-being and health.

Myth #6: Cellulite only develops to older people.

Fact: While cellulite is predominant to post-pubertal women, the condition can also affect the younger generation who lives a sedentary and unhealthful lifestyle. Excessive smoking and alcohol intake can make a person more prone to cellulite development. The condition can affect individuals as young as 14 years of age.

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