Does Cellulite Make You Less of a Person?

Magazines line the shelves in every supermarket.  People watch television and go to the movies, and everywhere they look they see people that the world says are perfect.  Young girls grow up with eating disorders and skip out on meals that they need for healthy growth because they want to look like the airbrushed models littering the magazines.  What they don’t realize is that there is such a thing as celebrity cellulite.  People often wonder “does cellulite make me less beautiful?”  The answer to these questions is a resounding NO!   Stars with cellulite grace the covers of magazine after magazine.  The difference between them and the ordinary woman is that the celebrity cellulite is covered up by pounds of makeup, hid by lighting that could illuminate a needle in a haystack, sucked out or cut off in surgical procedures, and airbrushed out by some of the best artists and editors in the world.

No cellulite -No embarrassment

No cellulite -No embarrassment

The reality

Even though these magazines show the idealized versions of these stars with cellulite, occasionally people will get a clue as to their true appearance.  When people meet them on the street, they don’t recognize the celebrity because they look just like a person that could be seen every day, not some perfect Adonis.  Then there are the tabloid pictures; if ever someone knew how to catch a picture of celebrity cellulite, it would be these people.  On every aisle of the supermarket there on any given week there is tabloid trash that shows these beautiful women looking their worst.  They draw attention to every time that the celebrity gets a cosmetic surgery procedure done.

Cosmetic surgery

Unfortunately, because of this intense scrutiny, both celebrities and normal everyday women alike will feel the need to alter themselves with plastic surgery.  They will go under expensive and painful surgical procedures to get rid of this flaw that at least half of the planet has in some form or another.  Then, once the celebrity cellulite has been removed, there are often consequences.  A cosmetic surgeon does cellulite treatment wrong some times.  When cosmetic surgery goes wrong, the person often wishes that they were just one of those stars with cellulite because at least then, they can hide the problem.  People can have far worse things to deal with than cellulite, such as starvation, eating disorders, and illness.  Even beautiful people and celebrities have cellulite.

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